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“True Blood’s” Kristin Bauer van Straten visits Access Hollywood Live to talk about playing fan favorite vampire Pam. How did she come up with Pam’s signature drawl? Plus, with the death of a major character ahead, Kristin gets emotional addressing the rumors that it’s Alexander Skarsgard’s “Eric”.

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Kristin Bauer van Straten Pop Sugar
Kristin Bauer van Straten (Pamela Swynford de Beaufort)
recently spoke with Pop Sugar to promote True Blood Season 6, talk about her documentary Out for Africa, and about the events that lead up to her now long and successful career in acting. She didn’t reveal anything specific regarding season 6 but the interview is a great one anyway because she talks about her character, the show, her love of nature and more! Watch:

The necklace Kristin is wearing in the interview can be purchased from Cadsawan Jewelry. The proceeds from it will support Out for Africa.

Source: “Video: True Blood Star Kristin Bauer van Straten Talks Alexander Skarsgard Joining Fifty Shades of Grey!”

Image/Video Credit: PopSugar

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I actually knew that these videos coming out a few weeks ago as I was uploading photos for it but the fact the interviews were finally posted last week completely slipped my mind. But here they are now!

Syfy Germany is the German sanctuary for all science fiction and horror fans they premiered season 5 of True Blood on November 18th.

Syfy has officially launched their interviews with Kristin. There are five short videos where she talks about how much True Blood has changed since the first season, what’s new for Pam in Season 5, her fang experiences and how people notice her on the street now.

I am going to be screencapping each of the videos so be sure to check back this weekend for that.

For the rest of the videos, head over to the Syfy Germany YouTube channel!

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Kristin Bauer van Straten recently sat down with E! Online to discuss her character Pam’s relationship with Eric (Alexander Skarsgård). The two characters recently broke their formal maker/progeny bond in “We’ll Meet Again” after Pam spent the previous episodes reflecting on how she was turned by her maker. So what will that mean for the characters? Kristin tells writer Christina Dowling that the writers didn’t say much:

“Well basically they just don’t tell us anything. We’re going to have to see and evolve. The nice thing aboutTrue Blood and HBO is they don’t wrap things up, so this will carry over into next year as well. It evolves more like a relationship in life. So we’ll see. Pam is trying to find herself without that umbilical cord.”

So now that Pam is without Eric, will that mean she’ll be a little more nurturing towards Tara? Maybe not:

“You know she’s not the most nurturing. We’ll see glimpses of a softer side…it won’t last long.”

What will last however are the effects that the Authority are having on the vampire world at large. This and trying to figure out what Tara’s (Rutina Wesley) relationship with Pam will be constitute Kristin’s season:

 “We are now moving into the havoc the Authority is wreaking. A lot of my season has to do with that, and try to find this new way in this new world. And also dealing with this ball and chain called Tara. That I would have preferred to have killed, but now she’s my child.”

As for what it was like having to film a post-cotial love scene with Alexander, Bauer van Straten reveals it was touch scene to pull off but she survived:

“There’s always a hundred takes. I saw his naked ass get out of bed many many times. It’s very strenuous.”

The most common qestion Kristin gets asked is what is Skarsgård really like. Of her co-star and good friend, she says he’s better looking, sweeter, and funnier in person! Aww! Click the image to watch the entire video below:

 Source: E! “True Blood Star Dishes on Getting Naked With Alexander Skarsgård”

Image Credit: E! Online

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Now that True Blood has wrapped production for the season, Kristin Bauer van Straten (Pamela Swynford de Beaufort) has set her sights on a higher and very worthy calling; filming a documentary on ivory poaching in Africa this August. The actress tells the site Celebuzz that the issue is actually a massive problem:

“Two species of rhino have gone extinct in the last six months and the numbers are staggering and I’ve heard the number was 100 elephants a day. So if we want to have elephants in the wild, I figured I’ll try and help out and do something.”

Kristin’s idea of doing something involves filming a documentary in collaboration with the NGO IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare):

“I’m going to Africa and we’re going to fly around the country interviewing people who are on the ground working and risking their lives every day and see what we can do to help them.”

The project is not just about creating awareness about how problematic ivory poaching has become in recent years. But it is also something that is very personal to Kristin’s African family. Her musician husband Abri van Straten, hails from South Africa and it was his grandfather who first discovered how to tranquilize large animals. This method is still employed by conservationists today.

“His family has been in Kenya trying to work on conservation for a hundred years. So, we are going to go back with his mother, who now lives in South Africa, and we are going to meet with people in the embassy and see what we can do about it. It’s very personal to my in-laws.”

Funding this important and personal project is going to require some help and Bauer van Straten isn’t afraid to use True Blood and the star power of her castmates to make it happen:

“What’s amazing is this cast is so ridiculously giving and talented. I’ll find EW covers and scripts and signed DVDs. And now I’m pressuring [Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northman)] to sign a sock, which is basically his wardrobe. I think it’s going to be great.”

Source: “‘True Blood’s’ Kristin Bauer Leverages Cast’s Star Power for Endangered South African Animals Doc”

Image Credit: Jerod Harris, WireImage

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In an interview with Kristin Bauer van Straten (Pamela Sywnford de Beaufort) covers a little bit of everything from how she got her start in acting to her art, charities, how she feels about season 5 being dubbed the year of Pam, and weird fan encounters.

The interview started off by covering how Kristin became an actress. In an interesting twist of fate, the classically trained artist found acting by chance, something she would have never expected growing up:

“No, not at all. I came from Wisconsin — I came from a field with horses in it. The little school I went to didn’t have a drama department in it, so this was something I discovered after college. I was looking for a way to put a roof over my head and food in my mouth. I was a maid, a nanny, a window washer and once I moved to L.A., it was almost impossible to avoid the business. I started doing makeup and saw that it paid more than being a maid, so I went to makeup school and once I got on a set, I just loved set life. It’s a wonderful culmination of all kinds of dysfunctional, creative, funny, interesting people.” Read More

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Vulture recently interviewed Kristin Bauer van Straten (Pamela Sywnford de Beaufort) about everything from Magic Mike to Wal-Mart sweatsuits and of course True Blood season 5. Its main purpose was to discuss the heartbreaking release scene that was filmed for this past Sunday’s episode “We’ll Meet Again.” In the process of the interview, Kristin not only reveals what it was like having to shoot such a scene with a good friend but also how the sock of destiny can be used for the greater good.

The cast that acts together also supports each other in other projects. Kristin did just that when she attended the premiere of Magic Mike starring her cast mate Joe Manganiello (Alcide Herveaux). Despite playing a moody character on True Blood, the actress says that Joe is quite funny in real life and now that she’s seen the film, certain images in it will remain very vivid to her, which is why she’s now trying to get Joe to donate one of those infamous flesh-colored socks for charity:

“I’m actually trying to cajole him into … well, I’m going to Africa soon to shoot a documentary on elephant poaching and the illegal ivory trade during this hiatus. I’m doing a kick-starter campaign and the cast has donated amazing True Blood items. I’m trying to get Joe to find a sock for me. After I saw him in Magic Mike, I was like, “Joe. You don’t have to say if you wore it or not …” I saw Stephen [Moyer] auction one and I know I can save a lot of elephants with that sock. I think if I talk about it a lot he’ll be pressured into giving it to me.”

After Magic Mike the interview moved on to the subject of wardrobe and Pam. In the first two episodes of season 5, Pam was cursed with wearing a yellow sweatsuit from Wal-Mart with kittens on the front. While Kristin did say she normally loves the outfits she wears full of leather, rubber etc.. in this case the sweatsuit was great because she had to be outside in the cold and could wear long underwear under it.

The reveal of how Pam became the vampire who would later wear that sweatsuit to turn someone she didn’t like was perfect to her portrayer.  Kristin says while the move to demand that she be turned was ballsy, she can now understand why Pam is so happy being a vampire and is so loyal to Eric (Alexander Skarsgård). She left her human life behind happily but how she did it was a bit of a shock.

But not as much of a shock as having to film what will become a very memorable scene in True Blood history. In an interesting turn, Kristin tells writer Denise Martin that she not only found out about it from her script but also came very close to not wanting to shoot the scene:

“I wasn’t warned that would happen, so I really cried while I was reading it in the script. Alex [Skarsgard] and I talked and he said, “It’s so sad!” and I said, “I hate it. I’m not going to do it. I’m not gonna film it.” We went to executive producer Alex Woo, who wrote the episode, and complained. I went, “Why do I have to be released? I don’t want to be released,” and Alex went, “I don’t want to release her.” We argued with him about all the reasons Eric could protect Pam without releasing her, but they all just, you know, laughed at us and said “Action!” and we had to film it.”

Having to film the scene wasn’t easy however. Even though Pam and Eric will still have a relationship, this marked a very big and sad change for the pair which meant lots of tears for Kristin who is also good friends with Alexander:

“In the table read, I cried. In the rehearsal, I cried. When the camera was on Alex, I cried. I just thought it was so sweet and touching and emotional. I mean, the bond is going to be the same. Alex and I pretty much feel like the difference now is that Eric’s just going to have to call Pam on her cell phone. She’ll still give her life for him in a second. But yeah, I cried so much. My nose was running, and I said, “I know you’re going to turn my tears red in post, but what are you going to do about my snot? Can you take out snot in post? Because it’s going to be hideous.”

Pam also has new responsibility with a new progeny in Tara (Rutina Wesley). Being a mother for her will translate into tough love according to Bauer van Straten which is good considering Tara is tough herself. And considering they spent season 4 trying to kill each other, exploring how to have an immortal relationship will be interesting.

Kristin is still shooting the season finale so the end to this season is still uncertain. But one thing that isn’t is Comic Con. She will head down to the event next weekend with the rest of the cast and says that it’s still unreal every time she goes there:

I have a picture from the dais from our very first panel. It’s so overwhelming. Intellectually, I know millions of people are watching our show, but you can’t get the impact and the feel of that until you’re at a place like Comic-Con. I remember the first time we went, Alex and I kept looking at each other like, “Wow, this show is really popular.” It’s lovely. Without the fans I don’t have a job, so I really do look forward to it. It’s also one of the only times we’re all together as a cast. Table reads and Comic-Con.”

Source: “Kristin Bauer van Straten on Her Vivid Magic MikeMemories and Emotional True Blood Moment”

Image Credits: Nikki Nelson, WENN and  Kevork Djansezian/WireImage

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